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StarGrass Marine Surveyors & Consultant

StarGrass Marine Surveyors & Consultant have been providing professional maritime consulting services to our global client base. One of the most trusted and established names in the industry, StarGrass Marine Surveyors & Consultant is proud to have been called upon to represent our clients in some of the most high profile shipping incidents of recent years.

The in-house team at StarGrass Marine Surveyors & Consultant, comprising of Master Mariners and Marine Engineers with extensive experience of onboard and shore operations, provide our numerous clients with a wide-range of academic and hands-on experience that allows for detailed conceptualization and interpretation of Clients requirements combined with expert attendance and investigation at the scene to provide independent and non-biased reporting. Non-exclusive associations with various specialists allow the company to supplement its own resources and offer a full, comprehensive, service for most fields of marine activity.



Marine Consultant & Surveyors stands committed to providing factual and flawless reporting to its valuable clientele / principals through the peerless skills, expertise and experience of its pool of dedicated marine consultants and surveyors.

  • Magnetic Compass Adjustment (certified by AMSA)
  • Draft & Quantity Surveys
  • Supercargo
  • Marine safety Vetting:
  • Condition Surveys For
    • On/Off hire
    • Pre Charter
    • P&I Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Superintendent Attendance
    • Technical assistance (Navigation/ GMDSS / Machinery Equipment / Internal SMS Audits / COC Master (certified) / Pilotage (certified) )
  • Internal & External Audits for ISM-ISPS (certified) / MLC (certified)
  • Trim Surveys & Bunker Surveys
  • Grain Loading and Hold suitability inspections (certified)
  • Authorised Officer (certified)
    • Department of agriculture and water resources
    • Bulk vessel inspections
    • Empty container inspection
  • Condition Surveys For
    • On/Off hire
    • Pre Charter
    • P&I Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Other Maritime Products and Services
    • stores
    • Spares.